Saturday, March 8, 2014

Kvetch and Ye Shall Receive

Remember that time a few days ago when I was complaining about the cold weather? Well, it hit 50 degrees today and I couldn't help but celebrate with this:

Not my first-ever floral tie, but definitely my most aggressively floral one. It's got a supple hand* to it as well, so this guy should knot quite nicely when I finally do wear it for my wedding in less than six months**. After that, this might just be the tie that forces me to buy that canary yellow shirt I've always been curious about but never had the cojones to buy.

Just because we haven't seen April showers doesn't mean we can't dream of May flowers. 

*"Hand" (or sometimes "handle") is fancy-shmancy clothes-speak for how something feels; sort of the clothing equivalent for "nose" when talking about wine. If a fabric has a supple hand, that basically means it feels nice. Kind of smoke and mirrors, but it's still industry standard.


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