Saturday, March 27, 2010

An Introduction/Badass Hosiery

"Unpretentious, no-nonsense sartorial advice? What does that mean?"

Well, it means that I like talking about men's style while "keeping it real," which can sometimes mean a shit-load of swearing. This doesn't mean that I use profanity just for profanity's sake; I simply feel that much of the writing that exists on men's style has an air of pretension to it that renders it inaccessible, and dressing well should be a skill that's accessible to any guy, regardless of income, social status, cock size, and whatever else men use to distinguish themselves from their peers. I hope that writing with edge with which I typically speak will make style more accessible for more men, resulting in a better-dressed population with fewer schlubby assholes on the street. I'm not saving the world, but I hope to make it look a bit better.

This is my light-hearted but knowledgeable contribution to the men's style blogosphere. Feel free to ask questions, start a dialogue, and leave comments. Regardless, I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful. If any of it offends you, I cordially invite you to kiss my hairy Hebrew ass.

In the meantime, check out the above-pictured badass socks I just recently picked up from American Apparel. They're canary yellow and cost only $8, which actually makes them cheaper than most other brands. I'm showing you these because I strongly feel that if there's one quick, relatively cheap, alterations-free way to inject some color into your spring wardrobe, it's getting some brightly-colored and/or boldly patterned socks. Coordinate them with any other part of your outfit for some continuity and you're golden.

Or yellow, in this case.