Friday, February 17, 2012

Learn Your Alterations: Lower A Collar

As I've said approximately 23,864,910 times before, very few articles of clothing will ever fit anyone perfectly off-the-rack. The shopping trip I went on with my girlfriend and a friend of ours last weekend further proved that. While clothes shopping is one of my favorite ways to pass the time, it can be frustrating for me due to the relative unavailability of off-the-rack clothes in a size that approximates my own. My girlfriend, on the other hand, fits into most clothes with no problems, and I'm not at all bitter or jealous of her in that respect.

Nope. Neither bitter nor jealous. Not one bit.

Anyway, we were at a thrift store where I can sometimes find cool things in my size; this place has blessed me with two pairs of impeccably fitting Levi's (one of which needed no alterations!), a white dress shirt with pink stripes (which needed plenty of alterations), and a few other things. 

While the pair of pants I was hoping would work ended up squeezing my thighs and giving me a case of moose knuckle like you wouldn't believe, I came across this beautiful jacket that didn't fit me, but could very well fit a buddy of mine (buddy and jacket are pictured here): 

It's a gorgeous Prince of Wales check in a black/grey with blue overlay, made from English wool, and has a substantial weight and luxurious hand that led me to believe it was worth much more that the $14 I paid for it. To hell with the fact that it couldn't fit me in a million years, I needed to buy it for someone so it would have a good home. It fits the gent above pretty well, but there's too much material across the shoulders, better demonstrated in this photo:

See all that extra material I'm pinching together there? That's referred to as a "roll" in your collar, and if left unattended, it can cause damage to the garment over the long term and misshape it.

The fix? Take it to a competent tailor and have him/her lower the collar. It's a pretty common alteration, and it'll do wonders for the look of your jacket. Don't pass up a great deal just because something doesn't fit you perfectly right off the bat.