Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The New Double-Breasted Jammy

For about two years now I've become increasingly obsessed with acquiring a double-breasted blazer. After such a long time searching and not finding anything in my size (big surprise), an acquaintance of mine told me that he had just the thing in his closet and that it was too big on him, but there was a catch: it needed a completely new lining.

After putting it on and seeing how well it fit, I decided that I could give a damn about putting a new lining in. I have never, literally never, had a jacket fit so well and need no alterations whatsoever. I was stunned not only at the fit, but in all the correctness of the details: 6x2 double-breasted stance, side vents, peak lapels, and the perfect shade of navy blue. This was an offer I couldn't refuse, to hell with the fact that a new lining costs $70 and the thing smelled like mothballs. The way I see it, if I don't patronize my tailor regularly, he might go out of business. If he goes out of business, my life is hell. Not only am I happy to do my part to avoid this, but I'd much rather pay $75 on repairs and dry cleaning than four times that amount on a new off-the-rack number that I'd have to alter anyway. Who's the big winner here? Mikey's the big winner.

This thing is going to be sick with khakis, grey flannels, and even white jeans in the spring/summer. I apologize in advance for the crappy nature of the following pictures, but I'm a crappy photographer, so that's what you get. Bear in mind that the camera on my phone (yeah, that's what I used, sue me) doesn't do the jacket's color any justice at all; it's a true navy blue, not black as it looks here:

Or here:
Jacket+white jeans/(tan tassel loafers-socks) x unbuttoned pink button-down shirt=MEGA BALLIN'. This is going to kill in the springtime.