Monday, December 27, 2010

A Very Merry, Slightly Belated Christmas To All

Even Jews like me have Christmas traditions. Mine used to be ordering Chinese and re-watching The Godfather parts I and II (I leave out part III because it's weird and awful and even Francis Ford Coppola himself will tell you that it was a waste of time, but that's a different entry altogether), but that's been moved back to Christmas Eve. Instead, for the past few years I've been spending the day out in the 'burbs at my buddy Chase's parents' place: The Beaumont Estate.

The Beaumonts are a warm, accommodating, fun, smart, and laid-back bunch. I mean laid-back in the sartorial sense as well, and although I overdress for pretty much everything from a day at work to going to the bathroom, I was killing the game on December 25th, as you can see from this photo. And now, to drop science:

1. You may remember this sport coat from a post I did back in November. I still love the hell out of it and wear it all the time.
2. I nearly always wear jeans, so I decided to switch things up a little and go the khaki route. Not the J.Crew rumpled, wearing-the-same-ones-I-wore-to-bed-last-night-because-I-got-way-too-hammered-to-get-them-off-before-passing-out look, but pressed and tailored instead.
3. The shirt is white with alternating brown/light blue check and is paired with a blue/grey wool plaid tie. Note that the large-scale tie pattern and small-scale shirt pattern.
4. The blue lambswool cardigan ties back to both the shirt and tie.
5. Finally, the whole jawn is finished off with a tie bar and a simple white pocket square.

The beauty of this outfit is that it involves many layers and can keep you decently warm and looking good at the same time. This is a particularly good idea for New Year's Eve, when a lot of us are bar-hopping as opposed to hanging out in the house. Feel free to bite anything here, just make sure I get the royalties.

Finally, to the Beaumonts: Your warmth, hospitality, and graciousness has meant a lot to me over the years. Thank you a million times over.


  1. I've been very interested in thrift store finds and combinations lately, and I'm wondering if you could do a post on piecing a very presentable and similar outfit you have there by using as little money as possible. I've had some great finds this year, such as a cotton and rayon navy blue sport coat single-vented that was perfect without any alterations and just a cleaning, and a black polyester and rayon sport coat that's double-vented. Mind giving a guy some suggestions?

  2. Hey Anonymous,

    I'm a huge fan of thrift shopping. In fact, two of my best-fitting pairs of jeans were purchased at Buffalo Exchange for about $20. Given that I'm a pretty small-framed guy, though, my luck runs out pretty quickly when thrifting, but check out this blog:

    I follow this blog and absolutely love it. He's got style for days and spends a fraction of what most people do on their clothes because he gets so much from thrift stores. I highly recommend following him and reading through his old posts.

    I hope this is helpful, and great job on those sport coats. You can never have too many.


  3. Is that cardigan intentionally misbuttoned? Nice colour combos, cardigan definitely sets it all off.

  4. Hey Anonymous,

    The cardigan isn't actually misbuttoned; there are two button holes at the bottom and a button at the top, they just didn't come out in the picture. Thanks for the props.


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