Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Break From The Norm

Being a 20-something packing a smartphone in 2010, I update my Facebook status regularly on all sorts of inane crap. One of my most recent status updates, regarding some women's tendency to mistake leggings for actual pants, generated quite a few comments. My buddy Dan suggested I write about it, and while I know this is a men's style blog, I feel strongly about this issue and have decided to throw a curveball.

Sometimes, leggings work. A girl I know recently told me of an outfit she wore to work which included leggings, a long sweater that hit just above mid-thigh or so, some kind of cool belt to create a semi-high-waisted look, ballet flats, and some unique jewelry. This works because:

a) This girl is very, very stylish and good-looking in the first place, so she's got a leg up, and

b) The leggings were not mistaken as pants (i.e. worn by themselves). She knew that the first things to do when rocking leggings are to cover your ass and conceal any potential camel toe. Or, in the case of some more unfortunate women, moose knuckle.

On the other hand, solo leggings with Uggs and some poofy Juicy Couture jacket that hits at the waist look like shit. The whole getup looks slovenly, even if you have an ass that could beat Jennifer Lopez's in a street fight. Like sweatpants, wearing leggings by themselves in public projects to the world that you don't care about how you look, and, by extension, how others perceive you.

Seriously, if you want to look casual, wear a pair of jeans. That's why they exist. If it's too hot for jeans, get a pair of shorts. Or wear a skirt. Dressing casually does not preclude you from dressing decently, no matter your sex.

Ladies, thank you for your attention to this serious matter.


  1. Michael, I'm disappointed. I'm all for sending leggings up a proverbial creek, but can't we exile Uggs, too??

  2. Moose knuckle? Context clues aside, I had to look that one up.

  3. Couldn't agree more. The only girls that wear leggings as pants are with sloppy bar girls or attention craved hussies. Either way, put pants on.

  4. Am I the only one who likes peeking at camel toe on sloppy bar girls and attention craved hussies? It lets me know where the fruit hangs low.

  5. Mike I am all for the tights as pants look. But I'm a hedonist so take it for what it's worth.



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