Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Bow Tie Resolution

Neckties have always been in my closet but weren't a regular part of my rotation until about 2009 or so. In that time span I've increased my collection significantly and have enjoyed the hell out of wearing them, but back on New Year's Eve I decided that it was time to start wearing bow ties more regularly.

Bow Tie Tips

I wrote about some different bow tie silhouettes in a previous post, so I won't re-hash that stuff here. One nugget of information I forgot to mention is that you should keep the width of the tie no wider than that of your face. Otherwise you run the risk of looking like your head has been gift-wrapped. 

Why Bow Ties?

I'll be the first to admit that bow ties are tough to pull off in the real world. They won't fly in most business scenarios and if not carried off well, you can look fusty, clownish, or stereotypically professorial.

When you rock the hell out of a bow tie, however, you send a message to the world that not only are you unconcerned with fitting into the mold of a dressed up guy, you are in fact aggressively unconcerned with it. I have to confess that sending such a message appeals to me, so I figured I would sack up and actually start wearing them.

The only issue? I only own three that I really like. One is an all-season silk that you see above, and the other two are a madras cotton for summer and a navy wool number for the winter. I guess I'll just have to buy more.


  1. Mike, I'm just beginning to dress like a man, though I have a pretty good foundation. I have a lot of dress shirts, a pretty good array of different colored trousers, shoes, etc. Just recently a friend and I have quickened... meaning we have embarked on a quest to become noblemen. As I look at my wardrobe, and with summer fast approaching, I notice that I don't really know how a nobleman dresses in the summer. Please keep in mind that I am a black male, while my counterpart is caucasian. In a perfect world that wouldn't matter, however you and I know that this isn't a perfect world. Anything that I see that talks about summer wear always mentions the same things... i.e. wear loafer socks, white pants, linen or cotton jackets, seersucher... which leads me to believe that I am just going to be... hot. Can you give me some pointers on how to look like a nobleman in the summer, without looking like a damn clown or risking spontaneous combustion.

  2. What do you think about pre-tied bow ties and pre-folded pocket squares?


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